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What’s New With Me

Well the book isnt, aint, nope, not yet, done.

But I do have a deadline.

Read more if ya want to know whats up with me this month – August 2010 http://bit.ly/a5GX0i



  kim wrote @

I’ll come along for the journey! hang in there!
I am starting a blog NEXT WEEK!!

  1CreativeFemale wrote @

Hey Kim thanks for posting and thanks for saying that….awwww

Well I just visited your site therealkimcoles.com & posted on your guestbook.

We can journey together, and I will visit your blog when you set it up, so let me know….


  bobspear wrote @

The best of luck with this blog. There’s nothing like public writing to sharpen your creativity! I know you’ll do very well!

  1CreativeFemale wrote @

Thank you sir, its much appreciated !

  moondustwriter wrote @

hey you – had to ck in on you. hope you have a gr8 wk.
I’m off now to write in that messy moondust

  1CreativeFemale wrote @

You’re a sweetheart thank you so much, I really appreciate that..

  moondustwriter wrote @

Hey you hope you are having a gr8 start to this week. Wanted to know that you are a sunshine award recipient. Go to my blog to check it out. happy Monday

  1CreativeFemale wrote @

WOW ok thanx I will check it out & Thanx for stopping by =)

  Trenux wrote @

Hey. Love you’re new website. Its so fantabulous. Hope you had a wonderful B Day!!!

  1CreativeFemale wrote @

Thanx Trenux =)

I had a great birthday and a fantabulous lol birthday thanx…

  Eisley Jacobs wrote @

Dont hate me… I get to go to the early premiere at 9:00 the night before… My hubby scored me tickets. 😉

  1CreativeFemale wrote @

lol just wish your hubby would open the door so i could talk to him – i just want to ask him for that extra ticket – lOl


thats really cool though – you will have to tell me alllll about it =)

  Aisha wrote @

Is a book every really truly done? 🙂 Good luck on your journey!

  Creative wrote @

Thank you =)

  moondustwriter wrote @

hope all is well my creative one
miss you!!!!

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